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The astrological teaching guide

≡ Strengths.

Ø 8 lessons

For each lesson: tutorials and corrections that, if made seriously, enable progress easily.

Ø 14 boards

Lessons 1 & 2 are accompanied by 13 boards about Zodiac, Houses, Masters, Sectors and Quadrants which allow to understand simply and without discourse theory and the basics of astrological analysis.
In the lesson No. 3 we find the board overall synthesis that allowed me to create the astrological alphabet.

Ø 4 methodology sheets

4 methodology sheets to photocopy for many tutorials and for your personal use.

Ø One method of interpreting the horoscope.

Sectors and Quadrants, Valuations, Dominants, Master of the Ascendant, Planetary chains and tonality are keys depending on your sensitivity allow you to better identify the totality of the horoscope.

Ø Study 4 fast planets.

Simplified study of four planets. Sun, Moon Mercury and Venus because the astrological literature is exhaustive about this and we have to go to the essentials.

Ø 10 horoscope of application

The originality of these courses lies in the fact that we apply all what we have just mentioned, on 10 themes examples, and this from the first lesson where we begin to analyze two themes of celebrities.
At the lesson No. 3, we do a test of interpretation with our bases of the theme of Madonna, which you can download from this site.

Ø My guide in the Press

These books can change your life

A guide 163 pages for acquire the basics of astrology with exercises and educational boards ... TD and corrections.
The Teaching Guide Astrological Nadine Andral to get on:

Horoscope magazine aout 2013

Horoscope magazine - august 2013 - page 6

guide pédagogique

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astrological alphabet

≡ Overview of the astrological alphabet developed by Nadine Andral.

• see the summary.

• download an exemple

tutorial - theme of Madonna (pdf - 130 ko)