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Birth Chart of David Bowie

Bowie was born Jan. 8, 1947, in London.
We have the choice between three hours of birth:9:00 AM ASTRO-DATABANK - 11:50 AM RUET - 11:50 PM RODDEN.

About hours of birth of David Bowie, 11:50 PM seems the most appropriate.
I chose the Planetary Dominants.

9:00 AM : Ascendant is in Aquarius with Venus in Sagittarius valued Midheaven which is not bad for an eccentric artist, provocative, inventive, original, visionary and universal.

11:50 AM : Ascendant is in Taurus and are Mercury, Mars, Sun in Capricorn dominant Midheaven which represents the power of work and perseverance and will of success of a solar capricornien. Respective homes of Saturn and the sun. Saturn is ruler of the stellium in Capricorn where the Sun is located. Sun is ruler of the lion stellium where Saturn is located.
6 out of 10 planets in Capricorn and lion showing his passion for the job.
"I will continue to create and I will dwell on the day when I fall."

11:50 PM : the Ascendant is balanced and refined artistic sign with Neptune conjunct the ascendant which symbolizes the "I", the sextile of the lion in clusters.
Venus is in Home II money and stellium in Capricorn adjoins Fond du Ciel.

Bowie is a Neptunian with all aspects of this planet:

1 - a strange and mysterious character.

His ambiguous beauty fascinates and seduces. He morphs into multiple appearances and likes to dress.

2 - the chameleon artist

He created several characters to escape his psychological problems and reality: Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane. "Today I do not remember very well who I was at that time, I no longer existed at all."
With Neptune on the Ascendant, square to the Sun, there is a risk of depersonalisation and a search for identity.

3 - escape in artificial paradises

This is the escape from reality, typically Neptunian with the use of drugs. Bowie through a period of depression which he tries to escape by cocaine. "With coke, I was caught in a downward spiral, it allowed me to be someone else and made me crazy."

4 - androgyny

He says he is bisexual and plays its sexual ambiguity.
The Neptunian often a lax and confused life.
Note: "I found a woman who loves me for who I am"
The meeting with Iman, whom he married in 1992, fill his emotional quest (ascending scale) and identity (Neptune on the Ascendant).

5 - the alien

In 1969 his first hit "Space Oddity" serve the BBC as a wildcard for Armstrong moon landing. It was inspired by the movie "Space Odyssey".
1975 he plays an alien in the movie "l'homme qui venait d'ailleurs".
Neptune is in analogy with the cosmos, space and infinity.

6 - the uncertain family origins

It's early in his life, an illegitimate child with schizophrenia in his family (including his beloved half-brother, who committed suicide). He will himself afraid of going insane. He talks a lot about his double who is his escape to not lose reason.
Neptune, master of the house VI (health) is the square of Mars and the Sun in house IV (family, roots, origins).

7 - Bowie, the myth

Like many Neptunian characters (eg Marilyn Monroe): Neptune on the Ascendant lion, it will remain an enigma and a mystery (see the secret of his illness and the release of his latest album "Black Star" on the day of its 69ans two days before his death).
The planetary icon has created his legend and become a universal myth.
Neptune valued. Venus, master of his ascendant Sagittarius.

Published on the Internet page of CEDRA - 2016



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