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Nadine Andral

I was born on July 26 in Occitania, a scorching day as the fire sign of Leo.
With Mercury for Ascendant and a strong desire to escape, Jupiter in Sagittarius in house 4 of home, I learned to read alone, and devoured all the literature very young.
A book offered in my adolescence, the discovery by Schliemann of sites of Troy and Mycenae was the origin of my vocation as a historian, because with Mercury in Cancer in House 10, I wanted to become an archaeologist and Egyptologist more specifically.

Some key years were decisive for me :

1966 : with the conjunction of Uranus/Pluto on my Ascendant, the death of my father when I was in Russia.

1968 : With the Conjonction of Jupiter / Uranus in Libra in Aspect of my Sun and my Moon, the release on the benches of the university history, and meeting with a guitarist, my future husband.

Nadine Andral Nadine Andral

Hippie time, and travels in the cult places like Ibiza.

1973 : with Saturn on my native Midheaven, the birth of my daughter Tamara and success in competition history teacher.

1975 : with Uranus in Libra, at trine of my conjunction Venus/Uranus at the Midheaven, I leave for my first job in Martinique.

Nadine en martinique Nadine Andral en Martinique

My first job in a tropicale island of Martinique

Ensued years of celebrations, travel, discovery, pleasure, happiness, carefree, until the years 1987-1988, where the famous quarantine crisis of Uranian sign was for me particularly violent because Uranus transiting in House 4 , family home, accompanied by Saturn, Planet of events, it led to a divorce.

Meanwhile, in 1981, with natal Uranus in Gemini Midheaven, I was interested in western astrology and this hobby became a passion and then a magical tool of knowledge of self and others. I also discovered astrology Sino-Vietnamese of the 111 stars and Buddhism.

This led me to practice consultations, and then during the preparation of this Astrological Teaching guide , synthesis of my education as an autodidact.

My happiness would be to pass all my knowledge and publish other guides and books synthesis between Western astrology: psychological astrology as a tool for self-knowledge, and the Sino-Vietnamese astrology: astrology event, his canvas destiny.

Nadineà Toulouse

Toulouse, my city, in front of the Capitol at Christmas.

Nadineà Toulouse

The Capitol flourished in May.

Nadine en Languedoc

Languedoc Roussillon, my favorite land in the summer...

Nadineà Sète

and the Thau lagoon, in the front of the murals of Brassens le Sètois.

Nadine et Jean-Pierre

With my darling.

Two other things of me

1970 : "Ghillebert de Lannoy et l'Orient"
Master's thesis. Directorate : Alain Ducellier.
Departement of Art history and Archeology.

1981 : Les Léopards sing "Hula Hoop Oup" & "Agent secret"
Music : Nadine Andral - Lyrics : Jean-Pierre Mader
Sacem recording under Bernadette Facciotti, my married name.
Cover illustration : Francis Pelissou

Les leopards Les leopards